A Year of MudSpots

achilles’ heel amy hale auker aphorisms beauty benefit bill floyd bill lapham bolton carley brian michael barbeito camera candles burning catch up compunction darkness ed dean elliott cox fables gita smith golden grey johnson heavy jen schneider jk davies joe gensle kristine shmenco light michael brown mike handley mirrors need nicole hirschi numbers paul de denus peace renewal revolver robert crisman sam raddon sandra davies smoke stolen travis smith unwritten rules wee small hours within

3 Comments to “A Year of MudSpots”

  1. Does you credit Michael, and a colourful tribute to all contributors. Thank you for the opportuity to be part of it.

  2. What a body of work you have inspired and shepherded. This is the portfolio that you must take with you to show them when you interview for a high-paying on-line editor job. If this were a weekly print magazine, you’d be the envy of publishers. Look what you’ve accomplished! I’m proud to have been a little part of it.

  3. I would love to be able to take credit for editing these pieces and play at being a Maxwell Perkins, but the truth is 99.44 percent of this work arrived at MudSpots already in great shape. What a bunch of professionals! All know how to tell a good story and all present it in superlative fashion.
    Now that we have completed this project, I am reluctant to let this blog space lie fallow. Quite busy with schoolwork at the moment, but would not be averse to posting something more than just the occasional article here on an intermittent basis; say, news of what’s happening with HoW members who frequent 6S and T10 or somesuch.
    This project carried me through a year of not physically being with my friends, so I can’t leave it alone. IWBBS.

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