7 Comments to “Lost”

  1. I’m glad you put this in book form. Because I missed the Hemingway piece when it was originally posted, I went there first. You nailed it. BRAVO.

  2. I want to print this out and go sit on our deck under the trees and read this leisurely, not on the screen in a hard chair. Just a quick glance through was thrilling.

  3. Michael, you are smart, you are kind and you are important. This HAS to be seen by a wider audience.

  4. Michael – I am, as ever, admiring of your erudition, imagination and the skills with which you combine them – and that you’ve assembled them here is good indeed.

  5. Had some trouble getting the document to open and ended up going straight to issuu, so I’m a bit late responding. It was such a lovely book to look at. Each writer’s voice was unique, and the routine sort of details about their lives and concerns made them quite human. They were quite believable humans more than literary giants. An interesting and unique piece of work.

  6. Michael, I wanted to read this with the attention and care it deserves, please excuse my lateness to offer FABULOUS to these comments.
    If someone wanted a taste of each writer, you’ve done a great JoB showing us a little of each one. I felt teased, really, and one would hope people would add a book or two to their shelf or Kindle-thingy, so these great writers do not remain Lost. I especially liked how you rounded out each one with Hemingway at the end.
    So. How do we get this published?

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