Submittal Guidelines

MudSpots, Volume 2:

Who can submit

Members of HoW, which comprises all writers who have attended HoW 01 (New Orleans, 2010), HoW 02 (Blowing Rock, 2011), and/or HoW 03 (Spirit Lake, Kansas) and any writers whose work has been posted on MuDJoB. Following are the guidelines.

How to Submit

Look in on MuDJoB (use the graphic link over on the right), where each week you’ll find a Theme posted and a Simply Linked connection. If you have posted a piece somewhere in the past or would like to write to the theme and post it on your blog or favorite writing site during the week, provide the title and the link (it may take a moment to appear, or you may have to refresh the page), and on the next Saturday, that Spot goes online with teasers and links to the participants’ stories. You are on your honor to visit the various sites and leave comments for the writers.
MuDJoB is still actively seeking submissions, by the way. Please follow the guidelines there to help us keep that a going thing. Thanks –mdjb



Following are the guidelines which applied to our first year, that is Spots 001 through 052:

Who could submit:

Members of HoW, which comprised all writers who attended HoW 01 (New Orleans, 2010), and/or HoW 02 (Blowing Rock, 2011) and any writers whose work had been posted on MuDJoB.

How the work was submitted:

  • Send in electronic submissions only, in an email to:
  • Write Submission: [spot # / theme] (that is, name the theme, as in: Submission: Spot 01 / Darkness) in the subject line so we know which theme you have written about.
  • Place your story (flash of 250 words or less, or excerpt with a link to an external posting of longer stories) in the body of the email. No attachments, please.
  • Include the title of your story, your name, and the text or excerpt in the email. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, esp if you have an email address like mdjb66@… We need an author name, since “The Darkest Hour by mdjb66″ won’t give you your proper credit.
  • Please format your story by the current standards: double spacing between paragraphs and no indent on paragraph beginnings.
  • Provide a brief biographical blurb about yourself with links that can be included on the Authors and Artists page, especially if you want your credits updated.
  • A new theme will be posted each Thursday, but there is no specific time limit on submittals. Anytime you feel you have a story that fits a listed theme, submit as above and it will be slotted in.
  • Do a word count. We’re looking for stories or excerpts (including links) of no more than 250 words..
  • No payment other than publication.  Rights revert to author upon publication, although MuDJoB does reserve the right to anthologize, in printed or electronic format, material originally published here.



Please direct any questions (or author info updates) to





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