MudSpot Themes

Spot 052: The Last Dance

December by Sandra Davies
The Questions of 52 by Bill Lapham
Our Last Dance by Jen Schneider
Takes Two to Tango/a> by Bolton Carley
The Competition by Travis Smith
The Last Dance by Kristine E. Shmenco
The Last Kiss by Sandra Davies
“Why Are You Calling?” by Gita M. Smith
Happy Trails by Paul de Denus
EndTitle by Michael D. Brown

Spot 051: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

The Vanguard of the Lambs by Bill Lapham
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity by Bill Lapham
Fraternal Liberties by Sandra Davies
They Were Here by Paul de Denus
Liberty by Michael D. Brown
Equality by Michael D. Brown
Fraternity by Michael D. Brown

Spot 050: Suicide Attack(s)

The Victim by Bill Lapham
The First Fatality by Sandra Davies
Smile When Your Heart Is Aching… by Michael D. Brown
Ask and Answer by Paul de Denus

Spot 049: The Guiding Light

True North by Gita M. Smith
Wyoming Morning by Paul de Denus
Blinded by the Light by Sandra Davies
Guide, Light by Bill Lapham
Read Like a Book by Michael D. Brown

Spot 048: Reading Lips

Drifting by Bill Lapham
Nothing to Say by Paul de Denus
Babette by Michael D. Brown
Interrogation by Sandra Davies

Spot 047: Wandering Around Town

Terrorized by Bill Lapham
Wandering Around Town by Sandra Davies
Shadow of a Doubt by Paul de Denus
Done, Without Mirrors by Michael D. Brown

Spot 046: I Know It When I See It

Counter to the Stillness by Paul de Denus
Call It War by Bill Lapham
“It’ll Need to Be Sort of Silvery-Grey, and Dressy” by Sandra Davies
Who’s on First? by Michael D. Brown

Spot 45rpm: One-Hit Wonders

Even Before Breakfast by Sandra Davies
Into the KliegLightNight: A True Tale with Real Hangtime by Bill Lapham
A Boy, a Girl, a Song by Gita M. Smith
Seasons in the Sun by Michael D. Brown
The Last Dance by Paul de Denus

Spot 044: Don’t Get Me Wrong

Misplaced Protection by Sandra Davies
In the Sea of People by Bill Lapham
Mr. Robinson by Paul de Denus
Therapy – Catharsis = Futility by Michael D. Brown
Summer Plans by Gita M. Smith

Spot 043: Reasonable Doubt

Conversation Between Brothers by Sandra Davies
Incredulous by Paul de Denus
Doubtful by Michael D. Brown

Spot 042: With Foresight
Theme suggested by Sandra Davies.

Of an Afternoon by Bill Floyd
Hair Razor by Paul de Denus
‘A Historian Is a Prophet in Reverse’ by Sandra Davies
While I Was Reading Proust by Michael D. Brown

Spot 041: In Hindsight
Theme suggested by Sandra Davies.

All Things Must Pass by Paul de Denus
Then by Sandra Davies
Mad with the Rules of Reason by Michael D. Brown
That Rearview Mirror Look by Gita M. Smith

Spot 040: In the Waiting Room
Theme suggested by Gita Smith.

In the Waiting Room by Gita M. Smith
The Wait by Paul de Denus
Arrochar and Alexandria by Sandra Davies
In the Stark White Waiting Room by Michael D. Brown

Spot 039: Time Shifting

Time Served by Gita M. Smith
Rubber Room by Paul de Denus
A Shift in the Sweep of the Universal Clock by Michael D. Brown
Transfer of Perspective by Sandra Davies

Spot 038: Without a Word of Lie

Two Decades Down the Line by Sandra Davies
The Dinner Date by Gita M. Smith
Fine by Paul de Denus
Kid You Not by Michael D. Brown

Spot 037: A Bird in the Hand

Seize the Moment by Sandra Davies
A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose by Paul de Denus
A Bird in the Hand by Michael D. Brown

Spot 036: April Fools

Lorem Ipsum translated by Etaoin Shrdlu
As Curious As Can Be channeling Lewis Carroll
This Is How It Goes by Paul de Denus
The Waiting by Sandra Davies

Spot 035: Springing into Action

That’s What Love Will Do by Sandra Davies
Hit by Bill Lapham
Bender by Paul de Denus
Trends by Michael D. Brown

Spot 034: Candidate for Sainthood

Las Cruces by Paul de Denus
Trigger Happy by Gita Smith
Poor Joe by Bill Lapham
Poole Harbour 1971 by Sandra Davies
Chiggers by Michael D. Brown

Spot 033: Revolver

Taxman by Michael D. Brown
Eleanor Rigby (MacKenzie’s Tale) by Sandra Davies
I’m Only Sleeping by Travis Smith
Love You To by Michael D. Brown
Love You To: Dialogue by Gita M. Smith
Here, There and Everywhere by Paul de Denus
The Yellow Submarine by Bill Lapham
She Said She Said by Sandra Davies
She Said She Said: Dialogue by Bill Floyd
She Said She Said by Paul de Denus
Good Day Sunshine by Mike Handley
And Your Bird Can Sing by Michael D. Brown
For No One by Kristine E. Shmenco
Doctor Robert by Paul de Denus
I Want to Tell You by Paul de Denus
Got to Get Her into My Life by Gita M. Smith
Tomorrow Never Knows by Nicole E. Hirschi

Spot 032: The Tyranny of Things

Underwood by Gita M. Smith
FedEx-pletive by Paul de Denus
After the Machines Freaked by Bill Lapham
I Don’t Succumb to Tyranny, But I Wonder… by Sandra Davies
The Tyranny of Things by Michael D. Brown
In the Beginning by Kristine E. Shmenco

Spot 031: Peripatetic Parallelism

In Sympathy by Sandra Davies
Anywhere in America by Paul de Denus
Testing Descartes by Bill Lapham
You’re Sixteen by Gita M. Smith
One Potato, Two Potato by Michael D. Brown

Spot 030: The Big Picture

War Is Hell in Two Parts: Part II by Bill Lapham
Change of Focus by Sandra Davies
Clear Color by Paul de Denus
Sunlight Off Glass by Michael D. Brown
Night Class by Gita M. Smith

Spot 029: The Fine Print

Binding Contract (The Malefic Bureaucrat) by Bill Floyd
War Is Hell in Two Parts: Part I by Bill Lapham
The Fine Print by Sandra Davies
Gullibility by bolton carley
The Fine Print by Paul de Denus
Not Too Fine a Point by Michael D. Brown

Spot 028: Dropping a Dime

Dropping a Dime by Amy Hale Auker
The Epistemology of Smart by Bill Lapham
So ‘Fifties by Michael D. Brown
A Ramble, Not a Justification by Sandra Davies
Superman by Paul de Denus

Spot 027: By Halves

A Brown Day’s Conversation by Sandra Davies
By Halves by Amy Hale Auker
Some People by Bill Lapham
The Other Half by Michael D. Brown

Spot 026: A Long Time Coming

Dreadfully Speaking by Bill Lapham
An Early Lesson, Not Fully Heeded by Sandra Davies
Laid in Her Arms by Amy Hale Auker
Pilgrim’s Progress by Paul de Denus
That Open Avenue by Michael D. Brown

Spot 025: Mime

Photographs by Kelly Hoyle Fuller and by Gita M. Smith and Mike Handley.
And stories and titles suggested by the images.
12 Titles mimed by Amy Hale Auker
Blue Watch by Sandra Davies
12 Titles mimed by Paul de Denus
Metaphor by Sandra Davies
12 Titles mimed and
The Spectacle of the Mime by Michael D. Brown
With Apologies to Amy by Bill Lapham

Spot 024: Looking Forward

…and it makes her want to drink. by Grey Johnson
Geomancy by Gita Smith
Homeward Bound by Paul de Denus
I Don’t Want to Enfeeble the Images on Issues Filling a Space by Michael D. Brown
Clarity of Crystal Balls by Sandra Davies
Looking Forward by Bill Lapham

Spot 023: Looking Back

The Fog of War by Bill Lapham
No Laughing Matter by Paul de Denus
Looking Backward by Sandra Davies
You Don’t Know the Dream You Left Me Home with All Alone by Michael D. Brown

Spot 022: Home / Not Home for the Holidays

Christmas Punch by Sandra Davies
Wailing At the End of a Chain by Bill Lapham
Knight Before Christmas by Paul de Denus
Home for the Holidays by Michael D. Brown
No, Thanks. by Gita M. Smith

Spot 021: Peace in the Midst of Turmoil

An Observation by Nicole E. Hirschi
Peace Talks by Paul de Denus
Wedding Night by Sandra Davies
F3 by Bill Lapham
‘Tis the Season by Michael D. Brown

Spot 020: Playing Catch Up

Wilted by Gita M. Smith
Secret Santa by Michael D. Brown
Say It Ain’t So by Bill Lapham
Catching Up on Thinking Ten by Sandra Davies
The Number 47 on Sansome Street by Paul de Denus

Spot 019: Smoke and Mirrors

Undiluted by Michael D. Brown
Parlor Game by Gita M. Smith
In a Void by Bill Lapham
Ashes of Conversation by Travis Smith
Second Time Around? by Sandra Davies
Smoke & Mirrors by Paul de Denus

Spot 018: Stolen

No Return by Paul de Denus
Thrall’s Bane by Kristine E. Shmenco
Stealing Speed by Bill Lapham
Geologic Time by Bill Floyd
A Hymn for the Ages by Robert Crisman
Kiss by Grey Johnson
Military Misappropriation by Joe Gensle
Real and Imaginary by Travis Smith
Theft Takes More Than the Thing Itself by Sandra Davies
Taken by Michael D. Brown

Spot 017: Achilles’ Heel

Resignation by Elliott Cox
Joey Sang Songs by Robert Crisman
The Seeds of a Plan by Bill Lapham
Ed Interrogated by Sandra Davies
Road Kill by Paul de Denus
Trouble on Olympus Street by Kristine E. Shmenco
Kryptonite by Michael D. Brown
Members Only by Bill Floyd

Spot 016: Candles Burning at Both Ends

Feelin’ the Burn by Bill Lapham
Worth It in Jackson Heights by Kristine E. Shmenco
Treble-Edged by Joe Gensle
Whisky Conversation Between Old Friends by Sandra Davies
Racing the Moon by Paul de Denus
Pillow Talk by Gita M. Smith
From One to Two to Two to Three by Michael D. Brown

Spot 015: Unwritten Rules

Post-Prandial Conversation by Sandra Davies
Talking Balls and Strikes by Paul de Denus
Chasing Tynsdale by Bill Lapham
Rule by Kristine E. Shmenco
Don’t Tease the Old People by Travis Smith
You Only Get One Question by Gita Smith
Rudiments of Man-Law by Joe Gensle
The Rule of Pajamas by Michael D. Brown

Spot 014: Aesop Moderne

The Business of Business by Gita Smith
The Means for Our Destruction by Sandra Davies
Jake and the Eagle by Bill Lapham
New Recruit by Travis Smith
Skunked 1 to Nothing by bolton carley
Little Creature by Kristine E. Shmenco
Collage by Amy Hale Auker
Animal Campus by Michael D. Brown

Spot 013: Missing Numbers

Revelation by Mike Handley
Just Desserts by Gita Smith
The Human Number by Kristine Shmenco
Winning Isn’t Everything by Sandra Davies
A Binary System Perspective by Joe Gensle
A Saturday in Ann Arbor by Bill Lapham
Book of Three by Amy Hale Auker
Cat’s Eye by Paul de Denus
Martes Trece by Michael D. Brown

Spot 012: Surveillance

Three Days by Kristine E. Shmenco
Red Light Blinking by Amy Hale Auker
The Golfer’s Handicap by Gita Smith
Company Anniversary by Sandra Davies
No Photo Op by Bill Lapham
F-Stops and Infidelity by Joe Gensle
Surveillance by Michael D. Brown
Día de los Muertos by Paul de Denus

Spot 011: In the Wee Small Hours

In the Wee Small Hours by Gita Smith
Mood Indigo by Joe Gensle
The Addict’s Hun (Glad to Be Unhappy) by Elliott Cox
I Get Along Without You Very Well by Nicole Hirschi
Deep in a Dream (Alternate Lyrics) by Mike Handley
I See Your Face Before Me by Amy Hale Auker
Can’t We Be Friends by Kristine Shmenco
First Blood in Dreams Long Ago by Robert Crisman
What Is This Thing Called Love? by Bill Floyd
Last Night When We Were Young by Brian Michael Barbeito
I’ll Be Around (Alone Together) by Ed Dean
Ill Wind by Bill Lapham
20:35 Hindsight (It Never Entered My Mind) by Sandra Davies
Hope and Water (Dancing on the Ceiling) by Travis Smith
1955 (I’ll Never Be the Same) by Michael D. Brown
This Love of Mine by Grey Johnson

Spot 010: Compunction

Birthdays After 49 by Joe Gensle
Without a Single Tear by Bill Lapham
Table Manners by Sandra Davies
Western Swing by Paul de Denus
After the Flood by Mike Handley
A Danger to Self and Others by Gita Smith
Girl on Top by Travis Smith
Q.E.D. by Michael D. Brown

Spot 009: Aphorisms

In for a Penny by Gita Smith
Revelations by Joe Gensle
The Box by Paul de Denus
“Cogito Ergo Sum” by Bill Lapham
Graceful, Grateful Ending by Sandra Davies
Just a Tuesday by Amy Hale Auker
Honey, Roll That Ball of Yarn Over Here by Bolton Carley
Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day by Michael D. Brown

Spot 008: Beauty from Within

The Eye of the Beholder by jk davies
Where Whales Wander by Bill Lapham
Dream Weavers by Gita Smith
Benediction for an Irish Lass by Joe Gensle
Bugs, Weeds, Dirt, Sweat and a Splinter by Grey Johnson
Approaching Sanday by Sandra Davies
Shopping by Paul de Denus
Beauty in a Storm by Travis Smith
Salad Days by Michael D. Brown
Beyond the Gray by Mike Handley
Colorshow by Elliott Cox

Spot 007: Spies and Secrets

Awkward Existences by Nicole E. Hirschi
A Secret Kept by Bill Lapham
Willing to Conceal by Sandra Davies
Another Spy in the House of Love by Michael D. Brown
Bond Trader by Paul de Denus
File Management by Grey Johnson

Spot 006: To Whose Benefit?

Double Cross by Bill Lapham
Cooperative Blame by Sandra Davies
If the Shoes Fit by Mike Handley
Mrs. Entwhistle Goes into Business by Gita M. Smith
The Family Plot by Paul de Denus
Motives by Travis Smith
Without Benefit of Salvage by Michael D. Brown
BART by Joe Gensle

Spot 005: Needful Things

Disguising Need Begets a Need… by Sandra Davies
Needful Things by Gita M. Smith
The Stoic by Bill Lapham
Questions from the Well by Grey Johnson
Memory Lane by Robert Crisman
No Prob… by Joe Gensle
Panties by Amy Hale Auker
‘True Confessions’ by Paul de Denus
Henry Spotter by Michael D. Brown
Beacon of Darkness by Travis Smith
A Joker by Nicole E. Hirschi

Spot 004: Heavy, Man, Heavy

Gun Play by Paul de Denus
Phoenixes of Sport by Joe Gensle
Consequences by Sandra Davies
This I Believe by Mike Handley
Heavy Labor by Gita M. Smith
The Examination: A Work of Fiction by Bill Lapham
One Cannot Have Two Masters by Nicole E. Hirschi
Dancing Upon Their Weight by Amy Hale Auker
Vicodins & Cocaine by Bill Floyd
Mitigated by Grey Johnson
The Heart’s Path by Travis Smith
Heaving and Hauling by Michael D. Brown
Heavy by Kristine E. Shmenco

Spot 003: From Order Comes Freedom: Renewal

Crossroads by Mike Handley
Dancing on a Razor’s Edge by Bill Lapham
Jean and Howard by Gita Smith
Heart Beyond the Purple and Red by Joe Gensle
I Have a Confession to Make by Paul de Denus
Primary Symmetry by Sandra Davies
Quiet Little Apartment by Grey Johnson
Untitled by Michael D. Brown
Ill Gotten Gains by Bill Floyd

Spot 002: The “Golden” Rule

Falling Man by Gita Smith
Before the Streetlamps by Grey Johnson
The Alchemist’s Progeny by Brian Michael Barbeito
Golden Boy by Paul de Denus
Working the Mean: Symmetry… by Michael D. Brown
The Gilding by Joe Gensle
Bad Seed by Elliott Cox
Zoë by Sandra Davies
Golden Boy by Bill Lapham

Spot 001: Darkness Before Light

Over the Horizon by Bill Lapham
Aphelion by Grey Johnson
Precipitation by Sandra Davies
Dark Side of the Moon by Paul de Denus
Francis by Brian Michael Barbeito
A Queen’s Rasping Breath Under Rubble by Robert Crisman
After Darkness I Hope for Light by Sam Raddon
Total Freedom by Michael D. Brown
Miner Differences by Elliott Cox



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